Review Roundup For Tales Of Arise–What Critics Are Saying

Tales Of Arise is the latest in the long-running Tales series, and the first major JRPG to release on the new generation of consoles. With a lengthy, in-depth narrative and gorgeous visuals, Tales Of Arise aims to rejuvenate the classic series to appeal to newcomers, while still maintaining the elements that keep long-time fans coming back game after game.

To find out whether it’s been successful in this goal, we’re looking at a range of reviews from critics who have spent some time with the JRPG ahead of its release on September 10.

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“As the first major original JRPG on new consoles and the latest installment of a very long-running series, Tales of Arise comes with a lot of expectations attached. Arise sets out to refresh its visual presentation and gameplay to appeal to a new audience, but it also tries its best to retain what has made the Tales series so beloved among its longtime fans: fun characters, fast-paced combat, and an epic sense of scale.” Heidi Kemps wrote in GameSpot’s Tales Of Arise review. “While it manages to succeed admirably at most of what it tries to do, a few shortcomings keep it from being the new standard-bearer for RPGs to come.”

We’ve included a number of other reviews below. To find even more reviews from a broader range of critics, check out GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

  • Game: Tales Of Arise
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
  • Developer: Namco Tales Studio
  • Release Date: September 10
  • Price: $60

GameSpot — 7/10

“Taken as a whole, Tales of Arise is a very good RPG, boasting beautiful visuals, a wonderful cast of characters, and engaging combat mechanics–but its flaws (and that odious DLC) are also difficult to ignore. If you’re looking for a lengthy, charming, and engaging JRPG to play on your shiny new console or PC gaming rig, Tales of Arise is certainly a fine choice. Just don’t go into it expecting an all-time classic.” — Heidi Kemps [Full review]

Rock Paper Shotgun — No Score

“I lack the qualifications to make a precision argument about whether Arise is worth the wait for long-suffering Tales fans – the last one, Tales Of Berseria, came out all the way back in 2016. Nevertheless, my instincts shrug and say, “Sure, why not?” Despite the tedious introduction of its two main characters, it’s filled with strong character moments and ridiculous battles that remind us only nerds and squares bend to gravity’s iron rules.” — Nadia Oxford [Full review]

Eurogamer — No Score

“Tales of Arise rides the high of a brilliant battle system and a charismatic supporting cast. It’s not always the smoothest ride, especially when the back half of Bandai Namco’s game stumbles into interplanetary affairs and storytelling that goes for something a little more grandiose, but the combination of compelling characters and a plot that’ll genuinely get you rooting for everyone involved is a sublime match.” — Hirun Cryer [Full review]

Game Rant — 5/5

“Tales of Arise is a game designed for long-term Tales franchise fans and those who have never picked up a franchise entry before, where story, combat, and various features come together to deliver a high-quality, highly-detailed JRPG. All of that makes it not just one of the best JRPGs on the market today, but one of the best games hands-down.” — Joshua Duckworth [Full review]

Push Square — 9/10

“Tales of Arise went above and beyond our expectations. With its picturesque landscapes instilling a real sense of adventure, it’s easily one of the strongest, most cohesive Tales games to date. Dramatic cutscenes and memorable character moments help sell an intriguing story, while a satisfying combat system becomes more and more engaging as your party powers up. A fantastic, modernised journey with all the rewarding qualities of a classic JRPG.” — Robert Ramsey [Full review]

Screen Rant — 4.5/5

“The game’s anime-style cutscenes and memorable musical score contribute to the feeling that Tales of Arise is something special, which is tied to its main takeaway – it’s just a whole lot of fun. Whether it’s the captivating, satisfying combat or the surprisingly deft storytelling that has more than a few pumpfakes on tropes, what Bandai Namco has produced here is still going to be up for debate as one of the best entries into the franchise to date. Tales of Arise accomplishes the rare feat of catering to its many fans while simultaneously making a compelling case for newcomers to give it a try, and it’s a JRPG must-play that was more than worth the wait.” — Cody Gravelle [Full review]

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